RUDE the Podcast


We are a group of friends from Canada, Kenya, Antigua, and the United States. We met in Montreal in 2017 as part of the Jeanne Sauvé Public Leadership Program where we lived, worked, and fought the power for almost a year.

Yes, you read that correctly, we actually lived together.

Late night conversations often turned towards questioning the systems we live in (hi, capitalism), and strategizing ways to change them –or tear them down – and figuring out how to build more just communities. We also talked about memes, stumbled into dark web cobwebs, and fell asleep with the lights on.

Living with a bunch of radical sharp-tongued weirdos who share your values is incredible. We are #blessed and some of us are #embarrassed that we said #blessed. Emotional turbulence aside, we made a podcast!

If you care about making this world more inclusive, more just, and more equitable; if often you get called "rude" for speaking truth to power, asking the hard questions, and challenging the status quo; and if, all the while, you don’t take yourself too seriously, join us! Be RUDE.



Have you ever been called "rude" for asking questions or speaking your mind?

Questions like: why are there only old white dudes on this science panel? Why are there no trans women involved in planning this Women's March? How come we keep talking about reconciliation but some Indigenous communities are on boil water advisories? Why do high school students from western countries keep going to "build a well in 'Africa'"?

We have a lot of questions and we're called "rude" for even asking them.

At RUDE we question the status quo and have conversations that make people with power squirm.

So we decided to reclaim the word and start a podcast.

We share these conversations with you— a community of so-called “troublemakers” who aren't afraid to make things uncomfortable.

We will be RUDE!


Here’s the team! We’re a motley crew. And when we get together, really cool shit happens — we’re thrilled to share it with you through RUDE.


Emilie Nicolas

Emilie is doing her PhD in anthropology and brings an extra critical edge to our RUDE conversations. Emilie is an anti-racism activist, and the founder of Quebec Inclusif. She’s a Montrealer with the most kick-ass prints in her wardrobe and is also a superb chef!


Daniella Barreto

Daniella is one of RUDE’s co-hosts and our overzealous branding boss. She works in the nonprofit space in digital activism and has a background in epidemiology and public health. She’s a photographer, anti-racist queer activist, and low-key troublemaker who has a really hard time not wearing black.


Michael Lipset

Michael is a RUDE co-host and our phenomenal audio engineer— the person who makes the podcast sound so damn pro. Mike is an ex-rapper and PhD candidate upsetting the setup that upsets students and sets our youth up for failure. Basically, he builds the schools you wish you went to!


Kara Sheppard-Jones

As RUDE’s producer, Kara keeps us on track and gets shit done. She’s also a networking queen! She’s a social innovation geek with type A tendencies who counter-balances things with spontaneous dance parties and lots of laughing (too loud at times).


Nicole Leaver

I’m a feminist researcher with a lowbrow sense of humour and existential tendencies. I am starting my PhD in September which probably won’t help with the latter. I have a lot to say about alternative and post-capitalist economies, radical left politics, and the ethics of AI.


I’m a raccoon.

Here to make things look SYMMETRICAL! And because RACCOONS are kinda rude.

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