We are a group of friends from Canada, Kenya, Antigua, and the United States. We met in Montreal as part of the Jeanne Sauvé Public Leadership Program where we’ve been living, working, and fighting the power for almost a year.

Yes, you read that correctly, we actually live together.

Late night conversations often turn towards questioning the systems we live in (hi, capitalism), and strategizing ways to change them –or tear them down – and figuring out how to build more just communities. We also talk about memes, stumble into dark web cobwebs, and fall asleep with the lights on.

Living with a bunch of radical sharp-tongued weirdos who share your values is incredible. We are #blessed and some of us are #embarrassed that we said #blessed. Emotional turbulence aside, we made a podcast.

If you care about making this world more inclusive, more just, and more equitable; if often you get called "rude" for speaking truth to power, asking the hard questions, and challenging the status quo; and if, all the while, you don’t take yourself too seriously, join us!

Tune in to RUDE. Launching May 28th, 2018.