Sometimes we talk to the media, sometimes we make a scene

“In RUDE: The Podcast, there's a clip where Snoop Dogg reveals exactly what he would say to black and Indigenous youth who have been criminalized for cannabis-related reasons. The sound bite perfectly encapsulates what the podcast is all about: discussions for activists, by activists.”

RUDE crashes C2 to ask about the elephant in the room when we talk about cannabis legalization- racial justice. Snoop Dogg speaks out on racism in the legal cannabis industry and says, when it comes to this issue, he's one of the voices for today's generation of activists.

RUDE was Question of the Day @ C2: “Let ‘em out!” says Snoop Dogg

In the 360 Big Top Solotech, Snoop Dogg took questions from the crowd. One C2 participant asked him about the disproportionate incarceration rates of Indigenous and minority youth who have historically been criminalized for their involvement with cannabis. This was his response. READ HERE

Featured on CBC’s Podcast Playlist:
“In episode two, the team talks about labels. Artist Kama La Mackerel explains why "queer" is both a label and an anti-label. “

RUDE dropped by CBC Homerun to talk about why we are making this podcast and the people it's for. Tune in to hear Daniella Barreto and Emilie Nicolas in conversation with CBC Homerun.

Featured in #RisingYouth Summer 2018 Highlights

RUDE, a featured grantee: “…a podcast designed to discuss the concerns of young people who are passionate about social justice issues and see the need for deeper conversations in the fight for equality.”